Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions

Like other garments must also show fabrics are washed, the fabrics have a limited life definitely glitter fabrics, therefore we recommend not to use deodorant, an alternative, the armpits after showering rub a one nice smelling lotion.

Also we can not avoid sweat the fabrics affects.

Also versatile movements against eg a gymnastics bridge at the colors / glitters fade. We advise in intensive training, in a velvet suit to train without too much glitter this prevents SUPER outfit quickly fades for the matches.

If you schowpakjes each time after a workout to wash, to preserve the colors, it is recommended immediately after training the packet to a clothes stick to hang.

Removing odors and sweat (corrosive) is recommended immediately after training and / or competition as a solution.

One says wasssen on the hand, the other does not say to the hand wash, cold, lukewarm water? nobody can guarantee what this really the best.

Our experience is:

Machine wash at miniwas with additional water to 30 degrees, the safest with cold water, soon after washing out and place on a plastic hanger to dry out in the sun and not to clothespins, they can issue and the form remains in it after drying.

On the hand, in cold to lukewarm water (DO NOT LET THE WATER MAKE) then the colors run together

Inside out.

With a mild detergent.

A little fabric softener should.

The centrifuge must, unless you do not run for too long and not too fast (advice in a pillowcase).

Otherwise calm the water squeezing, or a towel roll (not wring), then dry flat (note by squeezing, then the colors still mixed up, the excess water, if you put it on a hanger hanging to dry )

Do not dry in the dryer.

Absolutely no bleach or other corrosive materials, but that goes without saying.

Caution with white velvet that is quickly discolor, never take any risk if you are working with white fabrics, and with striking glitter fabrics, (you can at your own risk of course), the glitter dust first machine-wash (30-40 degrees) so you are sure that the substance is not handled by the lighter fabrics, the fabric does give one rather than the other, but that love you glitter fabrics.


* We do not guarantee glitter substances and / or improperly washed and mishandling of fabrics *