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  • Description
  • Fluorescent, intense day-glow paint.
    Water-based, saliva-resistant,
    washable to 40 °C, and soft to the touch.
    Glows in UV black light.
    For light-coloured fabrics Without Finishing agents and fabric conditioners (max. 20 % synthetic fibre).
    After drying, fix in the oven (150 °C/8 minutes) or iron for 3 minutes without steam.

Tip and Tricks
Removing finishes/pre-washing textiles

Before painting, new textiles have to be washed at least once without fabric conditioners. Fabric finishes and conditioners prevent the fibre from absorbing the paint. Colour fastness after fixing cannot be guaranteed in this case.
Double-layer textiles

When painting double-layer textiles (T-shirts or pillow cases), always place a piece of cardboard between the fabric layers to prevent the paint from seeping through. This also makes painting on fabric easier, particularly for children.
Washing painted textiles

Always wash painted textiles inside out and use a mild detergent. Never place a hot iron directly on the painted area. Iron either from the reverse or through a cloth.
Painting T-shirts

When painting T-shirts, simply slide a piece of cardboard underneath the fabric to prevent the paint from seeping through the layers.

Work preparation for Marabu Textil Neon:

Cover the work area thoroughly.
Place paper or film between the layers of fabric.
Stir the ink well before use.
The best results are achieved on 100% Cotton.
The fabric needs to be free of any finishes and conditioners.
Wash the fabric before use.
Clean work tools immediately after use.
Wash and iron printed fabrics inside out.