Coupon Mesh/Lace

We can not guarantee glitter / metallic / Vinyl materials and faulty washed and the mistreating of Fabrics

MH-004 Coupon Mesh Neon Orange/Silver Stardust/Hologram Cup 4-way Stretch 155x150cm

MH-005 Coupon Mesh Hot Lime/Yellow/Silver Stardust/Hologram Cup 4-way Stretch 200x150cm

MH-008 Coupon Mesh Purple/Silver Stardust/Hologram Cup 4-way Stretch 215x150cm

MM-012B Coupon Silver Foil Coated on Lt.Yellow Mesh 4-way stretch 74x150cm

MM-037 Coupon Black/Copper-Silver Stardust Glitter Pattern Mesh 4-way stretch 170x150cm

MM-048PS Coupon Mesh Deep Pink/Silver Stardust Glitter 4-way Stretch 50x150cm

MM-051 Coupon Mesh Black/Silver Stardust Glitter 4-way Stretch 90x150cm

MM-069B Coupon Silver Foil Coated on Orange Mesh 4-way stretch 109x150cm

MM-069B Coupon Silver Foil Coated on Orange Mesh 4-way stretch 110x150cm

MM-076 Brown Mesh 4-Way Stretch >152x150cm

MM-1024 Coupon Neon Orange Mesh 4-Way Stretch 230x150cm

MM-1050 Coupon Turquoise Foil Coated on Peacock Mesh 4-way stretch 140x140cm

MM-1087 Coupon Mesh/Tule shine Rainbow/Hologram Foil NO stretch 100x140cm

MM-4018 Coupon NudeTransparant Shine Light fabric 4-Way Stretch Sivilia 171x165cm

MMG-014 Coupon Mesh Metallic Azul/Blue Foil 4-Way Stretch 100x150cm

MO-2024 Coupon Ombre Mesh Coral/Coral Orange 3/4-Way Stretch met weef foutje

MP-109 Coupon Black Sequins on Black Mesh good 4-way stretch 38x140cm

MP-120 Coupon Neon Pink mesh with Pink Yellow Sequins 1-Way stretch 156x130cm

PM-201 Coupon White Pop Mesh 4-Way Stretch 177x140cm

PM-202 Coupon Black Pop Mesh 4-Way Stretch 150x150cm

SL-635 Coupon Red Lace Flower Design 4-way Stretch 220x140cm