EL-02E Zwarte Ribbel Rubber elastiek 8mm Antislip Leoni , Zwemkleding Elastiek

  • Beschrijving

  • Rubber Tape, Rubber Elastic

  • Excellent resistance to medium and high temperature washes, elasticity and strength for long life and high performance.

  • This is an extremely versatile product that combines excellent quality at a competitive price, and is widely applied and appreciated in the production of swimwear, car seat covers, car hoods and covers, household linen, work-wear, children’s and technical items.

  • Ribbed elastic tape for the most varied applications in the clothing industry and beyond.

  • Continuous research into materials and automation at all stages of production have allowed us to develop a high quality product, with great ease of application, thanks to an exclusive treatment of silicone that preserves in time its original characteristics of smoothness, elasticity and strength.

  • High quality standards are also proven by OEKO TEX Standard 100 Certification for Class 1 Products (i.e. baby products), as well as by periodic laboratory testing also performed to specific customer requests.